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Companion page for Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel

by Gordon S. Linoff. 2008 John Wiley & Sons.

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What This Page Contains

This page is a companion page for the book Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel. It provides the data sets and scripts for loading the data sets, and Excel files associated with the book. The information on this page is deemed accurate, but we are not responsible for errors and omissions.


The data files are provided as compressed text files with scripts for the following databases:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server (free/trial download available at SQL Server download )
  2. MySQL (free/trial download available at MySQL download )
  3. SAS (free/trial download not available)
  4. Oracle (free/trial download at Oracle download )

In addition, SAS files are provided as a compressed library.

The queries have not been validated on other databases, such as PostgreSQL (free/trial download available at PostgreSQL download ).

Instructions for Downloading and Installing
  1. Download the text files.
  2. Download the appropriate script for your environment.
  3. Follow the instructions inside the script.
Scripts and Datasets

All downloadable files are available here.



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