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Companion Page for the book Mastering Data Mining

By Michael J. A. Berry and Gordon S. Linoff

Praise for Mastering Data Mining:

"Data mining will be essential for understanding customer behavior on the Web and for helping the websites of the world create their personalized responses. In a sense, data mining recently 'got the order' to become one of the key ingredients of e-commerce. Now all of us need to understand and use data mining. In Mastering Data Mining, Berry and Linoff show the industry how to think about data mining: start with natural activities of data mining, show their obvious and compelling value, and then only talk about the component tools at the very end. This is a great book, and it will be in my stack of four or five essential resources for my professional work."

-Ralph Kimball, noted authority on data warehousing and decision support

" This book does two really important things. It addresses data mining at a practical level and it bridges the gap between the business world and the world of data mining. All too often data miners have forgotten that if at the end of the day they do not show business relevance to the work they are doing, then they are building pie in the sky. Berry and Linoff do not make this most fundamental of mistakes. If you have any interest in the topic at all, this book is a must."

-Bill Inmon, "father of the data warehouse"

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